Because they passed on to me the taste for things that last and the sweetness of moments spent together. Because my childhood with my sister, spent against my mother's jumpers, was joyful and carefree. Holidays in Brittany where there were four of us and often more, a larger family with my uncle and aunt who were never far away. Then there were the summer camps, first as a little girl and later as a leader, which forged my temperament and my spirit of adventure.

I dreamt of clothes that would remind me of the feelings I had at the time and that would last over time. The desire to dress, to surround, and to transmit what I had been taught pushed me to create my brand, Emile et Ida was born.

Designing children's clothing requires a real commitment. it's a fashion that doesn't forgive mistakes. You can't sacrifice comfort, softness, resistance, and freedom of movement just for the sake of aesthetics. Children's clothing must combine all these qualities to last, to be passed on to little brothers and cousins; which makes its development complex, technical but fascinating. The choice of the most beautiful natural materials is decisive, we talk about the hand of the fabric, it is a matter of feeling, of touch, and we have elaborated a secret recipe to make our jerseys even softer.

After a few years, the wardrobe has grown, so much that the brand now offers women's fashion in the same high standards as the children's one. Contemporary, comfortable, and practical collections adapted to the daily life of today's women. Subtle and timeless pieces designed for moments of relaxation and contemplation: holidays, weekends, trips, moments with family or friends. A touch of poetry that translates this affection for the charming traditional: vintage cuts, hand embroidery. Resistant and feminine clothes, a promise of a durable and trans-generational wardrobe accessible to the greatest number.