Collection S/S 2023

It is 7 o'clock, Pauline wakes up, Pauline stretches, Pauline gets up.
It's going to be a whole day of basking in the sun, her head propped up by the cushions
from the new line of household linen.

- How am I dressed today?

- What color do you like best? Pink, blue, green? Or

sandy, soft, and warm like the sand on the beach?

- I want to wear terrycloth shorts with ruffles, and tonight

I'll wear a dress with cross-stitch embroidery.

- Striped, printed or plain shorts?

With this new collection, it will be a whole season
to enjoy the sun or the drizzle, to pursue the joy in the the shade
valleys, dancing and singing in the rain in vintage and singing in the rain, dressed in vintage outfits.



Our favorites tops
of the season



The blouses of the season

Par ici

Summer dresses

Short, long, printed or plain, it's time to get out your favorite dress!


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