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Bio denim

Discover our pieces made of organic cotton!

At Emile et Ida we have been militating since our creation for a responsible

responsible and respectful fashion.

If common sense and ethics have always been inherent to our mode of production, we are constantly seeking to improve and to further affirm our commitments.

We have always worked with high quality natural textiles, and step by step, we are also moving towards eco responsibility.

We are therefore very happy to propose a 100% organic cotton range.

If we have a crush on a material in a country, we locate the manufacture of this product in the same place to avoid transporting rolls of fabric to the four corners of the globe.

Wide cut jeans

Medium bleach

100% organic cotton


Our selection Complete outfit

Nos iconiques jeans

Organic stretch cotton medium bleach slim fit pants. With scalloped pockets embroidered with gold lurex thread, fabric-covered button, mid-low/high waist and ultra-slim fit, our jeans are a wardrobe essential.

The comfort of cotton is provided by elastane. This synthetic material gives elasticity to the fabric. This property, specific to elastane, allows the pants to resume and keep its shape whatever our movements and their repetition.

I discover

Bio denim

As in previous years, it is made with care in a small family workshop in Portugal, north of Porto. It is washed in a factory next door, which has an eco-responsible thinking about water use, waste, reprocessing and works in a closed circuit by reprocessing and reusing water. Our organic denim range is 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified from our Portuguese manufacturer.

This demanding certification guarantees the organic status of the textile fibers used, and ensures that since the production of the raw materials used are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

What is produced in the country stays in the country.


N.04 Pantalon à pont denim coton bio stretch brut
Organic cotton stretch denim trousers
Regular price 149,00 €
Regular price Sale price 149,00 €
N.06 Pantalon à pont denim coton bio bleu
Blue organic cotton denim bridge trousers
Regular price 139,00 €
Regular price Sale price 139,00 €


Medium blue, between raw denim and light washed,

sky blue, sea blue sky blue, sea blue,

everyday blue but especially not blue

a touch of the blues!

Wide cut, slanted openings and scalloped bridges

and scalloped bridges replace the Italian pockets of our

jeans and overalls.

Fabric-covered buttons on the front, bourdon-stitched wavelets

in gold in gold lurex thread for the back.

Emile et Ida, a French and family brand, has chosen to integrate ethical choices in the image of its identity. Human and geographical proximity are essential for the brand, which allows us to better control the making of our products and to reduce our carbon footprint. We take care to choose our partners for their quality, their know-how, their ethical and human dimension: they are family-run workshops, generally with less than 100 employees. The respect of social and environmental standards is essential to us. Our favorite dungarees have been in our collections for almost 5 years and are renewed every season with new colors and unusual details. This summer, the love story between our dungarees and you continues in organic cotton.

straight cut jeans

Medium bleach

100% organic cotton


100% organic cottonOutfit ideas

N.04 Pantalon à pont denim coton bio bleu
Blue organic cotton denim bridge trousers
Regular price 139,00 €
Regular price Sale price 139,00 €
At Emile et Ida, the wish is to make the pieces evolve with a manufacture always in connection with its ethical choices!

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