The charity sale

Discover our charity sale 2022 !

This year it is for the benefit of the association Cékedubonheur !

We invite you to discover more about their activities

and what made us want to collaborate with them

The fourth edition of our traditional Braderie Solidaire has arrived!

As every year, Marine and Yasmina - our web team - gathered us around a lunch to choose together the association to support.

We could see that our common values met on the issue of the preservation of childhood and the need to allow everyone to be accompanied during a hospitalization.

Unanimously, we chose to support the association CEKEDUBONHEUR; an organization that is committed to bringing happiness to pediatric health institutions. in pediatric health institutions. The association works to maintain social ties and fights against the isolation of children and teenagers during their hospitalization, because being hospitalized is not a trivial situation in the life of a child or teenager and their families. The strength of morale is essential in the healing process and even more so for young patients. It is with this CKDB works with this in mind on a daily basis.

As members of a family brand focused on the world of children, which defends and ethical values, we were all touched by the approach of this of this association. That's why we decided to bring our little stone to the building by proposing a big solidarity sale which will be held :

from November 24 to 28, 2022 included,

up to 70% off our collections for the winter 2021 and summer 2022.

20% of the total amount of the sale will be donated to the association CEKEDUBONHEUR

The funds collected during this sale will be used to finance an educational, fun, entertainment or well-being activity for hospitalized children.

Each of these fields of action aims to bring joy and a bit of magic in the care centers.

We are very happy to be associated with CEKEDUBONHEUR and to meet you for this 4th edition of our of our great solidarity sale!

The charity sale - The charity sale - The charity sale

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Fall/Winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022 collections up to 70% off!


Our selection for the woman

Here are women's pieces up to 70% off!

You will find clothes from the fall/winter 2021 collection as well as spring/summer 2022 mid-season pieces!


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You will find clothes from the fall/winter 2021 collection as well as spring/summer 2022 mid-season pieces!


More information

CKDB goes to meet young patients in the provinces thanks to the CKDBus which travels throughout France all year long. On board, volunteers, artists and adapted technical equipment.

The association also has relay teams in several large cities in France: Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille, Grenoble...

In addition to its actions on the national territory, CKDB supports partner structures throughout the world and regularly organizes shipments of basic necessities, books, school materials, gifts, etc... to orphanages, clinics and schools in developing countries.

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