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Happy back-to-school to all !

Every year it is coming up
its nose: the beginning of the school year!

No need to introduce the famous

key step that represents the return to school, and to enjoy it as much as possible you have to be prepared!

To do so, nothing better than to

to equip yourself at Emile et Ida, all the essential accessories are available from the school bag for the little ones, to the pencil case, to the backpack backpack for the older ones.

in line two by two

Emile et Ida offers a variety of products for back-to-school, and to be ready to live fully this key stage carrying joy and happiness. In classrooms, colorful accessories in animal forms will dress the tables of students and brighten the days of little schoolchildren.



Discover our exclusive

Leo...Pardi! notebook

Ideal for your back-to-school!

Get your best pens ready to start the year

to start the year on the right foot!


Three little kittens

The velvet with big ribs, toudoudoux,
thick and soft, it can be adopted
as soon as you caress it
in the direction of the hair


Our selection

Discover our outfit ideas with all the essential back-to-school accessories!


N.01 Sweatshirt coton bio molletonné écru léopard
Ecru leopard organic cotton fleece sweatshirt
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49,00 €
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49,00 €


Imagination and creativity go hand in hand children love stories and characters.

Surrounded by their classmates, they let their minds wander to extraordinary stories worthy of the most famous the most famous tales! With the Emile and Ida school accessories, children can let their most magical ideas run wild magical ideas.

I discover

The backpacks, bags and satchels contain the complete range of accessories needed by schoolchildren to make the most of their school year and brighten their days. Emile and Ida's new products announce a joyful school year with cheerful colors. On the school benches, students give life to these accessories and share their choices of favorite backpacks, bags and satchels. According to their tastes and their overflowing imagination the selection will be different!

Emile et Ida accompanies children for each back-to-school season and dresses them with outfits for girls and boys! The accessories: backpack, satchel and pencil case bring the final touch to sublimate the style.

Outfit ideaVIchy café

Our flowered set

The pink flower print

in all-over !


Outfit ideaThe velvet

The time of the recreation always arrives very quickly! 1,2,3... I throw the stone and hope to reach the sky box without going through the well!

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