Christmas 2022

The Christmas factory

Welcome to the enchanted world of Emile and Ida!

Welcome to the enchanted Christmas of Emile and Ida

On the program of this appointment so dear to our hearts: only beautiful surprises!

The holiday season is synonymous with joy for the whole team, so we want to share it and spread

We would like to share this joy and spread it around us.

This year again we have worked with passion to bring you the magic of Christmas Emile and Ida.

Here you will find many gift ideas!

We offer you the best gift ideas for the big, the small and also the medium!

Among the toys you already know our long-time friends Egmont Toy, Mini Kane, Moulin Roty or Maileg.

merry christmas - merry christmas - merry christmas


We present you a beautiful doe girlfriend

with polka dots that shows one side awake and the other asleep...



Discover the little mice of the Maileg brand, they all have a particular universe!

Children will be able to let their imagination run free according to the story they want to tell and in which they want to project themselves!


N.04 Petit frère windsurfeur 12cm - Maileg
Little brother windsurfer - Maileg
Regular price 37,95 €
Regular price Sale price 37,95 €
N.05 Souris Prince et Princesse 10cm - Maileg
Prince and princess mouses - Maileg
Regular price 42,50 €
Regular price Sale price 42,50 €
N.06 Souris l'heure du bain 9cm - Maileg
Bathtime mouse - Maileg
Regular price 28,00 €
Regular price Sale price 28,00 €

Gifts ideasour animal plushies

N.02 peluche hippo en lin jaune - maileg
Yellow linen hippo - Maileg
Regular price 32,50 €
Regular price Sale price 32,50 €
N.05 Dinosaure lin vieux rose 23cm - Maileg
Old rose linen dinosaur
Regular price 32,50 €
Regular price Sale price 32,50 €
N.06 Dinosaure lin bleu pétrol 23cm - Maileg
Dark petrol linen dinosaur
Regular price 32,50 €
Regular price Sale price 32,50 €
N.08 Walter à tirer - Egmont toys
Pull-along dog Walter - Maileg
Regular price 38,95 €
Regular price Sale price 38,95 €
N.09 Peluche ourson Framboise Pamplemousse x Emile et ida
Framboise teddy Pamplemousse x Emile and ida
Regular price 39,00 €
Regular price Sale price 39,00 €
N.11 Peluche lapin Pimpin Pamplemousse x Emile et ida
Pimpin bunny cuddly toy Pamplemousse x Emile and ida
Regular price 89,00 €
Regular price Sale price 89,00 €


The cute Mira Belle - a dancing bigsister mouse dressed like a real star.

Discover our toys and plush mice!


Discover the toys of the Maileg brand. The big hippopotamus of Maileg makes us crack as much as it is to crunch.

Gifts ideasOur dolls

N.02 poupee elena - egmont toy
Regular price 49,00 €
Regular price Sale price 49,00 €

Gifts ideasour night lights

The special atmosphere of Christmas is felt, the first signs of this season are already there... the smell of this season that we associate with clementines and cinnamon!

The illuminations also transport us to Christmas!

All these details project us a little more in this wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holidays!

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