Collection P/E 2023

The terrycloth in all its forms

Terrycloth fabric

The material, a mix of cotton and polyester is all soft, fluffy and comfortable, as the children who have tried it tell us.

The polyester, added to the cotton in very small amounts, gives the fabric exceptional elasticity which allows the baby great freedom of movement and keeps it from wrinkling.

Our terrycloth sweatshirt and shorts sets with pockets, for the pleasure of those who want to keep their treasures well hidden.

Some applefrom starter to dessert


Sister and brother

Happy days

Discover our terry cloth sweater with pockets in garden green or sushi pink, as peppy as it is comfortable.


family portrait

Because we believe in the sustainability of our products, we favour the transmission of parts from child to child.

P.S. they are really brother and sister!


The outfits

Details that make a difference on each piece: gathered sleeves, scalloped pockets or a carefully embroidered pattern.

N.04 Culotte coton rosae
Rosae cotton panties
Regular price 35,00 €
Regular price Sale price 35,00 €

The only daughter

No need to wear a shirt under your jumper! Made of organic cotton, this terrycloth sweater with a lace collar perfectly combines the two. Available in mustard and ecru.

Ideas for topsLong live to sweaters

N.02 Sweatshirt éponge écru griotte violet
Purple cherries terrycloth sweatshirt
Regular price From
27,50 €
Regular price 55,00 € Sale price From
27,50 €

The ruffled combishortin all its forms

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