Collection S/S 2023

It is 7 o'clock, Pauline wakes up, Pauline stretches, Pauline gets up.
It's going to be a whole day of basking in the sun, her head propped up by the cushions
from the new line of household linen.

- How am I dressed today?

- What color do you like best? Pink, blue, green? Or

sandy, soft, and warm like the sand on the beach?

- I want to wear terrycloth shorts with ruffles, and tonight

I'll wear a dress with cross-stitch embroidery.

- Striped, printed or plain shorts?

With this new collection, it will be a whole season
to enjoy the sun or the drizzle, to pursue the joy in the the shade
valleys, dancing and singing in the rain in vintage and singing in the rain, dressed in vintage outfits.


To the picking...

A little, a lot, madly...


Pauline dances, Pauline runs through the fields


Discover our pink gingham pattern imagined by our designers. Here is a fabric for all those who are nostalgic of the 60s, Saint Tropez and Brigitte Bardot. Elasticated balloon sleeves, natural mother of pearl buttons

I discover

It is 8 o'clock, Pauline is hungry, Pauline picks cherries from the garden ...

Pauline dances, Pauline runs through the fields

To see life in pink : Love pink, Cherry pink, Salted butter caramel... We love it !


Some designers have a green thumb at Emile et Ida

and Indian artisans have the expert hand

to print our floral motifs in block prints...


For the boy

Our tee-shirts and shirts with original designs for this new season!


Jules wears a polo shirt in cotton jersey and modal ecru and pants in cotton gauze color Sahara

Madras, a gingham cayenne, embroidery, small openwork, gauze color sand, soft and warm as the sand of the beach ...

Smell the sweet scent of flowers

Everyone at the table! It is midday, Pauline settles down, Pauline laughs.

After eating, it's time for a nap!

The "cayenne gingham" print in ecru and red terry cloth from Mars. A color that makes you travel! The fabric, a mix of cotton and polyester, is soft and comfortable, as the children who tried it tell us!

I discover


rosae... rosis rosis because several roses enliven the ecru background!


Little trip to the flower market with my new green crochet bag

It's getting late, Pauline is getting ready, Pauline is going to dream of her day to bask. She wears the ecru cotton cardigan with big blue cherries.

But first, Pauline gives her brother a last kiss to go to bed.

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