The children fashion is a family speciality. Granddaughter from a tailor, Delphine grew up in fabrics and patters. So this is naturally that she takes the direction as collection manager into mythical brands: Chevignon, Huit, Petit Bateau, Kickers… This is also naturally that she launched her own brand in 2010 “Emile et ida” as a tribute to her parents. A little hitch of soul…

The brand
of happy days


When all the children’s brands propose a dressing for school days, “Emile et ida” rather dress kids for after-school snack, holidays, week-end and happy days! This spirit gives creative collections, fun and a lot of charm with very soft clothes to go out or to cocoon. And as the fabrics quality and comfort is our priority, “Emile et ida” is also very at ease in the playgrounds !


Retailers (Barney USA, Le Bon Marché Paris, Smallable…)


Physical stores (two in Paris and one in l’île de Ré)


Of the production is made in Europe (Portugal)


Unsold articles give away to associations

The showroom

In Paris there is a street In this street there is a paved courtyard In this paved courtyard there is a showroom In this showroom there is a stone wall and lots of sunlight, coming in through a large window wall. In this sunlight, illuminating our art, there are Emile and Ida creations into which we put our soul and heart.

Ours shops

Whether you stroll around Paris or on vacation in “Ile de Ré”, there is always one of our three shops waiting for you. Flooded with light, bathed in softness, you will feel there like you are on vacation.