all the collections are made in Europe, 90% in Portugal, country with a important expertise in textile and shoes.


The story starts when, the head bubbling with a lot of ideas and envy of Delphine, leave her job in order to create clothes that she dreams of for her children. Supported, encouraged by her father Emile and a friend of hers, they are throwing themselves in this new adventure.
A period where her house s transformer into an office-atelier, where her children and her friends are the first models.

Quickly, the first success. The company is missing some hands and heads: Isabelle, the friend, join the familial trio at the right time, then its Delphine’s husband turn to come around. Each one of them know the other. The house becomes too small to shelter both the professional activities and the family. This is the time to move out… in the garden! The cat Pacha is following.

Finally a dedicated space. Delphine and Isabelle get involved beyond reasonable. The solution comes from Camille, Delphine goddaughter, who is looking for an internship to end her Business School program. She naturally join the team and give some time back to rest to the girl friends.

Success is settling down: a second friend is recruited then a stylist, and another one, graphist. If the garage shelters the archives, the hut in the garden cannot contain everybody anymore. This is the time to move out again… in Paris this time. New recruitment: the Parisian’s family is now complete.

In parallel, our partners all around the world are selected for their expertise as well as their attention that they have on environmental standards and their capacity to guarantee social standards in which we grew up and that drive us.


In the country of human’s rights, the respect of each person and his work, the respect of work standards (environmental, hours, wages) and the honesty are some values that matter to us. As well as the fidelity of our partners, especially to the first ones that believed in us from the first collection and with whom we are still working with.

In regards of these values and requirements, the human’s relationships that are formed are made in a shared trusting link, impartial. We are taking care of this by working hand in hand trough exchanges during daily meetings with Laurinda, Vikram, Cédric and all the ones that accompany us. These first connections are getting stronger year after year by meeting all of them on the production places that we are visiting once by year: in France, Portugal and India.

Taking care of all the actors, putting the human in the heart of our concern, this is also taking care of you and your children.

Since the beginning, our decision to produce in Europe has guided our steps to Portugal where the work on knitwear is well known. 90% of our pieces are made there and are crossing France to our warehouse by European road. Thank to this geographical proximity, we are able to limit our carbon footprint.

Moreover, we are partnering with some factories which have a responsible reflexion on the utilization, waste, water’s treatment, used until now in too much quantities, especially with the dyers. Already, the first dyer’s factories is getting more modern in order to be able to answer to this issue. “We never take a bath twice in the same water”, according to an African’s saying. However, well treated, the water can be used many times. From now on they try to save up this precious resource.

And in order to don’t waste anything, at Emile et ida’s all of our unsold items are donating to associations (AND, Red cross, Emmaus) in favor of the helpless.

In our research of experts all around the world, the Indian workers, seduced us through their expertise on embroideries and cotton’s quality, for their weaving method – the Mukesh – and the printed technics – the block print – 2 ancestral expertise which add values to their talent. All of these skills, this expertise is allowing us to propose original and qualitative products.

Because these relationships are made, because these values that we believe in are shared, because this mutual trust, because we are going beyond our initials engagements, our philosophy, our collections and our universe are fulfilled.


At Emile et ida’s, our preferred fabrics is cotton. We love it very soft and we use it in all different ways : weaved, knitted, dyed, embroidered, and printed. Tee shirt, sweatshirt, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts.

By allying aesthetics and comfort, the practical and timeless, we are making all the efforts to create clothes in which we play, we live, with a peaceful mind.

The shapes, the material’s qualities, the care of the finishing touch, the colors harmony always in ½ tints, are all the criteria that we give to our collections year after year. Our pieces are mixing to each other in order to create freedom coordinated looks.

From all the materials, this is the natural’s ones that they prefers

In our office in Paris, our collections are created twice per year. The stylists realized their dreams, choose the fabrics, give the ton and themes, draw, try, change, re-touch,, anyhow they are making the models. The graphist, working closely with the stylists – and vice versa – creates the original prints. Thanks to them we can propose you pieces that you will only find at Emile et ida’s.

The collections are inspired from softness, reminiscence of the mother’s fake fur, Ida, in which, Delphine as a little girl, loved to wear. An enveloping softness that are still tested by Farine and Pacha, the cats of the house.

Maybe the softness secret of our cottons is here ? Or maybe in the heart of the one who weaves it ? We keep the secret !

Cottons transported from different culture’s places and transformed in Portugal, lined from French places (and yes, in France is the first producer of linen), real English liberty: our favorites materials are natural materials that we select for their exceptional qualities. This is indeed the prerequisite to offer you clothes with styles that remains in time and that you’ll keep for years.